baby, baby, baby
i'm coming home
to your tender sweet loving
you're my one and only woman
the world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, girl
you're the only one that i want.

carly and charlie had THE sweetest day. they were married in her dad's backyard, the home she grew up in. there were so many sweet moments between the two of these guys that i was super lucky to capture.. and really, just witness.

i loved seeing their first look. i loved watching carly's totally transform from being quiet and anxious to having this huge goofy grin that she gets when she's around charlie. i loved seeing them pray over their wedding day, and their marriage. i loved seeing the care and gentleness in which charlie treats carly. i loved seeing her and her gorgeous girls laugh together. i loved seeing her first dance with her teary dad. i loved sneaking back out with them and doing more portraits and letting them have some time to let the day sink in (i recommend this for everyone!) i loved their lavender-toss exit and how hard they laughed while being pelted with the seeds.

these guys are the real deal. i truly cannot wait to see how they continue to grow and enjoy experiencing life together.

love ya'll :)