where to even start with mariah and chris?

i've known mariah (from the incredible world of the interwebs) for a couple of years now, but i can honestly say that meeting her (and chris!) in person, was so much better than i could have ever expected. 

they are newlyweds. they are madly in love, and they have such a beautiful way of looking and holding and touching and just being. my words are failing me but shooting people who trust you and love your work and are comfortable just letting you in to see their vulnerability is so wonderful. i could have shot them for days and days and i cannot wait to get them back in front of my camera - hopefully soon ;)

so, enjoy a handful of my absolute favorites from our sweet time together in the mythical, magical land of joshua tree.

btw, this place is BANANAS. if you ever have the chance, you need to get your little tail there, asap. i am so in love with the west coast and all of it's glory - IN FACT, if you're getting married out there and need a photographer, shoot me a line and let's talk. don't let travel fees scare you ;)