sometimes, on your wedding day, it monsoons.
and it's up to you to set the tone of how everyone around you is going to handle it.

when you get married in the summer in the mountains, you just never know what the weather will do. or, maybe, it'll do fifteen different things in a two second span. and you just have to be excited and prepared, either way. 

in sarah's case, she looked at me when we (myself and nicole, of boonetown story, my amazing second shooter for the day) ran up to her, already soaked through our jackets - with her hair in a towel and bare feet, tilted her head and said "well, what can you do?" - in a moment where most brides would be weeping in a corner because their outdoor day was "ruined" - she was still so peaceful and excited to see her groom, rain or shine.

sarah and alec are two of the most kind-hearted people i've been lucky to meet on this wild journey of being a wedding photographer. sarah, in particular, wouldn't even kill an ant if i was in her way. she has a huge heart for all things and people and i love seeing the world through her gentle heart. and alec is just as easy-going as a guy could be. he loves sarah so much, and they just live life so well together.

sarah & alec, thank you for letting me into your love story for just a little bit. you guys are the best.

here are a handful of my favorites from our time together!