bridals // madi // the ivy place, lancaster, south carolina

i won't say "i NEVER do bridals" but i think i've done them maybe twice in the past two years. they just aren't something i normally love doing because to be honest, they can feel super stiff, traditional, and awkward. 

i will, however, do bridals for brides who tuck flowers behind their ears. for brides who put on chacos and run through fields of grass. for brides who don't mind if their dress hits the ground. for brides who bring amazing helpers (that don't bring shower curtains to make the bride sit on..)

madi brought her amazing sister and mom to our session at the ivy place, in lancaster. the property was just glowing that evening, full of beautiful sun and amazing fields that madi totally owned. i love how simple she is in her beauty. she doesn't need pounds of makeup or huge pieces of jewelry. she's just madi. and she's stunning.