wed // meaghan & jimmie // augusta, georgia.

i am ashamed that it's taken me this long to get this AMAZING wedding up on my blog.

as photographers, we’re all biased that our couples are the best… but this couple truly is.

[you may remember them from THIS engagement session, we had so much fun chasing daylight and getting tattoos together the next day!]

you've probably heard me time and time again say that i don't shoot indoor weddings. but when meaghan and i talked about her hopes for their wedding day, i was hooked. and not to mention that these two are the nicest, most loving and open-hearted people, that helps. we spent almost eight hours together on the day of their engagement session and i just fell in love with their spirits and awesome hearts.

these are the kinds of people i want to work with.
creatives. people who know who they are and want their wedding day to feel like an extension of their love, the more unique the better.

to be honest, i still feel like my niche as a wedding photographer is the outdoor realm, but their romantic, candelit ceremony just made me stretch my creative muscles and i got some moments that i know will be forever treasured. 

here's the little blurb i wrote for ruffled that goes into a little more detail about their day! 

I shot Meaghan & Jimmie’s end of February wedding at the Enterprise Mill down in Augusta, Georgia, having no idea what to expect. What I walked into was a day full of laughter, love, and beautiful moments. Meaghan and Jimmie are two of the most creative people I’ve met in a long time. He’s a graphic designer and she’s a fellow photographer, and you felt every inch of that creativity on their wedding day, despite the fact that they were working with a tight budget (where they collected vintage vases that they spray painted a matte gold, had a coffee bar and dessert reception to save money, poured into vintage tea cups, and a popcorn maker (!) just for fun). The first amazing thing about this wedding was Meaghan’s Etsy dress that she bought for under $1000 – the gold sequin bust with a flowy tulle bottom literally took my breath away. My favorite thing about their day was all the surprises woven into the ceremony and reception. Both Meaghan and Jimmie are worship leaders and knew they wanted to incorporate music into their wedding day – beginning with Meaghan’s songs for Jimmie she had made into a vinyl for his wedding gift, to a surprise song Jimmie wrote and performed for Meaghan following their vows, to a surprise duet they sang for all their friends and family together (JOHNNYSWIM’s “Take the World”), and finally ending with Meaghan’s tribute to her dad during their father-daughter dance of a recording of their song, sung by her. Everything about their day was wonderful, special, and totally one of a kind. Just like the two of them.

special thank you to all the friends and family who welcomed me with open arms and kept me laughing all day. you guys rock.