just a thought.

random thought for the day.

if you follow me on facebook, you aren't a stranger to my random PSA'S.

but i felt like i needed to put this on my blog, too. with wedding season upon us and people starting to inquire/book for next year, i wanted to write again on my blog how important it is to me to work with people that i jive with personality-wise, spiritually, emotionally, and stylistically for their weddings.

this weekend, while shooting two engagement sessions and a wedding, i had a handful of people ask me how i get "such good-looking couples" or how i "take such amazing pictures". it always makes me laugh because yeah, my couples are beautiful (inside and out), and yeah, my images are beautiful, and yeah, i have an awesome camera.. but i'm truly nothing without my couples. 

being "selective" and working with people that i truly connect with gives me the opportunity to get to know them on a different level. it isn't to hurt someone's feelings or to seem picky.. it's because i have YOUR best intentions in mind. sometimes, although you love someone and think their work is beautiful, they aren't the best fit for you and your vision for your wedding.  

simply said: when i work with people who i easily mesh with, it's easy.

when they let me in and we become friends, i get to see that they're head over heels, giddy in love with each other. my couples have the sweaty-hands-can't-wait-to-see-eachother-can't-stop-smiling kind of love. the messy-imperfect-but-absolutely-beautiful kind of love. the kind of love that watching it unfold, makes my heart full and happy. the key isn't good hair, or makeup, or even good clothes (although all that totally helps) - it's being comfortable to just be yourselves in front of the camera (nose crinkles and laughing double chins included), to listen to my (or your photographer's) direction and trust me (them) whole-heartedly. 

to be honest, your pictures are only as good as YOU are. if you have insecurities, if you're nervous, if you despise having your pictures taken, it all shows. 

we are not perfect. but always remember that your love is SO worth capturing - so be honest and open and don't be afraid to let your photographer into the secret of who you are.