pregnant // sarah // charlotte, north carolina

i am so thankful to have met sarah while i was working at paper source (at least i think that's how we met, it was so long ago, i can't really remember!) - she owns social dress shop (go check it out and getchu some new clothes!) and we just had an instant connection. she's hilarious and sweet and has impeccable taste in everything. basically, she's awesome. 

so when she found out she was pregnant, we touched base about doing a mini-session and i'm so glad it came to fruition! i had so much fun shooting this in a space near my new apartment in myers pack, and her husband ryan was such a trooper.

thank you guys. sarah, i hope you feel as beautiful as you look because DANG, GIRL. you're a hot mama. i hope everything goes beautifully for you as you welcome your sweet new babe into the world so, so soon! 

(hair/makeup: the seriously wonderful lindsey regan thorne!)