engaged // taylor & jarred // charlotte, north carolina.

back at the beginning of this year, me and my friends at the bunch collective teamed up and gave away a free session to a special couple who entered our contest. in the midst of all those emails, i received one from a sweet girl named taylor who professed her love for her boyfriend (at the time) and told me all about their story and growth as a couple and caught my attention immediately with her beautiful words: "we have seen first-hand that ALL things are redeemable through Christ. we have seen the beautiful and amazing things that come out of broken lives, our broken lives. the more we fall in love with Christ, the more we fall in love with each other."

as hard as it was to decide, we didn't end up picking the two of them for a feature, but i knew based on our limited interactions that i wanted to make pictures with her someday. after that, we we emailed back and forth a couple of times because she needed some photography advice (she's a beautiful photographer, go check out her work here), added each other on facebook, instagram.. the usual mutual-stalking occurred and that was that.

fast forward a couple of months and i get a facebook message from her boyfriend, jarred, asking me to be a part of their proposal story by shooting their engagement pictures the day after he proposed! he said that she always mentioned to him that when that day came, she wanted to do engagements soon after so the emotions were running high. i love that he listened.  

taylor and jarred, you two are so amazing together. i love your love for each other, for the Lord, for your friends&family. i'm so thankful we were able to spend some time together and can't wait to spend more together in the future! 

(photographers side note: i normally don't shoot in the early, early morning but it was so interesting to see how different and bright the light is after the sun rises! loved this challenge.)