engaged // meredith & zach // boone wedding photographer.

i've always said this: it's an honor when your friends ask you to be their photographer.
what's an even BIGGER honor? when you haven't even spoken to said friend in 18 years, they seek you out, and book you in the same week. 

i knew meredith wayyyyy back when (in her words) she had "braces and frizzy hair" and i was probably a boring (read: weird) little girl. we went to elementary school together and probably exchanged more bath and body works presents than necessary. 

thankfully, we've both grown out of our awkward stages and i'm so happy she reached out to me - i freaking love this girl.

not only is meredith's heart pure and her laugh contagious, she's one of the sweetest, most intentional souls i've had the pleasure of being connected to. she cares about my opinion, but more-so just trusts me in what i do. and that's the biggest gift, ever. 

zach is 100% the coolest dude. ever. and a perfect counterpart for mere. i love when i can meet grooms and just feel instantly connected to them, be it our music taste (he literally emailed me like, 5 bands to check out after their engagement session), interests or whatever. i feel like wedding planning and weddings in general tend to be more the girl's thing, so when i have a groom that's an active part and just overall fun to be around- that's a huge plus. 

we did their engagements at our alma matter (go appstate!) in boone, where we adventured at an overlook and then back to the little red barn where zach proposed. 

i can't thank you two enough for being so great. love you, can't wait for your AWESOME wedding next march!