engaged // lindsey & jon // north carolina wedding photographer

truth: i don't have enough words to explain how much i love lindsey and jon. 

from the second we were in communication, i knew we'd be an amazing pair. they're funny, they trust me 100%, they're adorable and so in love. i just love them. 

jon has a crazy awesome history of culinary wanderlust (including a stint in marakech!) and lindsey is insanely adorable with her cute blonde hair and killer free people dress. but she's way more than that - she's a teacher with a huge heart, an awesome sense of style and so much love for her man.

another truth: my words are failing me, but my heart is so full for these two. i can't wait to see them again and cash in on the home-cooked meal jon promised! 

(also, they brought the golden light. it was crazy gorgeous!)