another little thought.

at this point in my career, i've shot around 30 weddings.

i think that we, in the wedding industry, (including brides + grooms and vendors) need to redefine what "PERFECT" means. i hear that phrase a lot and it immediately makes me so sad. 

wedding days won't be "perfect". it will rain. things will fall behind schedule. people will not listen or be where they're supposed to be. your dress will get dirty. your hair will eventually fall from it's hairsprayed style. the sun may shine too bright and make you sweat. who cares. it may be windy. it may not be straight off Pinterest (and shouldn't be. STOP comparing your sessions/wedding to stuff you've seen on there, or instagram - it more than likely isn't real and only a carefully selected portion of what life is actually like). someone may spill wine on you. maybe people won't throw the lavender you bought and spent hours folding into little cones because they didn't realize they were supposed to. people won't show up that said they would. people that said they wouldn't come, might. your cake may fall over. the best man may get a little too drunk and give a terrible speech. your DJ may play the wrong songs at the wrong time. 

i want to work with couples that realize that PERFECTION is unachievable, but if we had to put a label on it, it'd be falling in love and finding that one person you want to spend every waking hour with. perfection is finding JOY, regardless. perfection is the little moments in-between that mean and matter more than the over produced portions of a wedding day. perfection is feeling a little bit of Heaven on earth by committing forever to the one your soul loves.

don't put stock & faith in your wedding day, put stock & faith in your MARRIAGE. 

perfection redefined is being married to your best friend at the end of the day.