“LOVE does whatever it takes to multiply itself and somehow along the way everyone becomes a part of it.” - Bob Goff.

after being a full time wedding photographer for ten-ish years, i've learned a lot along the way. some awesome lessons, and some lessons that broke my heart. i've learned what i'll stand for on the wedding day and what i refuse to do. but overall, i've learned who i am as a photographer and who i want to work with as "my" couples.

i've learned even though you might love my images, i'm not the photographer for everyone.

hopefully, in finding and exploring my site, you'll have a better idea of who i am and if you want to work together.

what i love: 

  • dreamers. doers. lovers.

  • outdoor weddings.

  • adventure seekers.

  • people with creative minds.

  • couples in love. like, the true, messy, imperfect but full of Grace kinda love.

  • people who understand what a wedding is. and at the same time, understand a marriage means more.

  • people who understand and value the relationship with their photographer.

  • people who aren't afraid to be vulnerable and full of emotion.

  • couples who care about: each other. details. the big picture. community. their matrimonial promises.

  • weddings in nature. where i can use gorgeous light to capture moments.

  • couples who are all for dropping dead traditions to express themselves as individuals (even if that sometimes means going against your family and their dreams for your wedding).

  • couples who are all about embracing whimsy and being free.

  • developing friendships with my couples that last longer than their wedding day.

  • people who aren't hoping their day will be "perfect" - it never is! but at the end of the day, you're going to be married to your best friend.

  • people who will be okay if i forget a shoe shot. or a ring shot. or sometimes, if the day is crazy, a dress shot.

  • appreciative couples. couples who let me know they got their packages :)

  • first looks. unplugged ceremonies.

what i don't love:

  • couples and their families who call me "the photographer", instead of my name. it's only five letters. c'mon.

  • couples who don't care about bride & groom portraits.

  • long lists of poses, shots or anything that the bride saw on pinterest (unless previously discussed!)

  • people who try to get me to do their family portraits during my time at the wedding. (i'm here solely for the bride and groom and whatever they ask of me, not to take your christmas card photo!)

  • people getting in my way with their ipads, iphones, or a digital camera that makes them feel like a professional photographer. (i was hired for a reason!)

  • pose-y shots with stiff couples.

  • tradition without meaning (ie: to make your parents happy).

  • having communication with anyone but the bride & groom. it's not your mother's wedding!

  • grooms who are more interested in drinking with their friends than snuggling with their wife.

  • requests for: selective coloring, jumping wedding party shots & the use of props. unless they're awesome.

  • brides (or anyone for that matter) who ask me to photoshop them "skinnier" - you are absolutely beautiful and i refuse to photoshop you!

  • pushy wedding planners.

  • people who don't read this page.