I knew from the moment Katie e-mailed me, this would be an amazing wedding to be a part of.

Even from her e-mails, I could tell she was as laid back as they came, open for anything and a true southern girl at heart. After about fifteen emails exchanged back and forth, we determined that her and Jonathan would be doing a "first look"..

SIDE NOTE: There are huge debates on weither or not to do a first look. Some argue in favor, saying that it's such an intimate moment to share between the bride and groom that shouldn't be shared in front of everyone else.. and some are against it, saying it's a totally non-traditional thing to do. Personally? I'm in favor. It gives not only breathtakingly emotional and intimate photographs, but it captures that moment of excitement for the bride and groom to see each other that first time, forever.

Anyway, as the details unraveled, I became more and more excited that they chose me for their wedding photographer.  I went to school at ASU in Boone, and miss it dearly. I knew that the location, no matter where it would be- was bound to be beautiful. I also knew that between Katie's laid back attitude and the decision to be my FIRST first look- we'd be just fine. While I am not too familiar with their background, I can tell you from the look on Jonathan's face when he saw Katie for the first time at the top of the mountain, overlooking all of Boone- these two crazy kids are madly in love.  And you'll be able to tell that by the smile Katie couldn't seem to wipe off her face the entire day.

After eight hours of time with both Katie and Jonathan on their wedding day, I can also tell you that they have good people and even more amazing families surrounding them. Sarah (my second shooter) and I were greeted and given farewells with giant hugs and best wishes. The food was delicious (catered by Bandana's BBQ), the venue (The Harvest House) was beautifully decorated with giant slideshows of family pictures, and the cheer of that day was infectious.

Katie and Jonathan: I wish for you guys to have a lifelong desire for each other. I hope for many, many hours of laughter- of peace wherever you are led by Jonathan's career and for those smiles to never, EVER be wiped off your faces.